Our leadership is comprised of individuals with deep-rooted experience in many areas for large and smaller organizations, inclusive of but not limited to healthcare technology design, clinical program and service design, operations, product leadership, marketing, sales, promotion, branding, communications, mediation, transformation, customer service, strategic partnership and business development, compliance, risk management, healthcare conference speaking and publishing. Additionally all of our leaders are involved in social and community outreach.

Stephen Bennett
Founder, CIO, Acting CEO

Mr. Bennett has award-winning programming and systems design experience. Being highly entrepreneurial, he founded Simplified Nutrition Online and designed the concept of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and Cloud-based-computing in 2006 for dietary management.

Mr. Bennett utilized Data Warehouse concepts and distributive computing models developed during his years on projects for Martin Marietta, Brunswick Defense, Thomas & Betts, Mobil Oil, Talk America, and the Uniform Commercial Code Council. For one Fortune 1000 company, he saved the company $1+ Million.

He has appeared in numerous computer publications, and was recognized for his co- development of the Cleqs/Interpregator intelligent character recognition engine as Imaging Magazine’s “Product of the Year” but then again, by the World Imaging Congress in Paris as the “Project of the Year.

Delwar Hossain
Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer

Mr. Hossain took Mr. Bennett’s, concepts and designs and developed the supporting technology to create Simplified Nutrition Online.

He spent years in Germany and Japan studying advanced data base structure and design.

He worked for the Prime Minister and advanced in banking and finance to become the leader of software and implementation for CitiBank in Bangladesh – the largest bank in the country.

He is regarded as the founding father of modern banking in Bangladesh.

Julie M. Hodges
PhD – Principal Corporate Registered Dietitian

Dr. Hodges has extensive professional experience as a practicing Dietitian, educator, mentor and executive in the field of nutrition, and currently serves as SNO’s Principal Corporate Dietitian, coordinating and advising a team of Dietitians who develop, market, and train customers in our products.

She created, formulated, produced and marketed an entire line of meat and vegetable products specifically for individuals with dysphasia for Zartic, Inc., as well as serving as Corporate Nutritionist for C.H. Guenther & Son, an international processor of grain products, and food service provider.

Dr. Hodges has been a sought after speaker for major food service corporations including Sysco Food Service, Med 2000 and U.S. Foods.

Sybil A. Graham
A.C.H.E. – Officer Operations, Compliance, CRM, Product and Strategic Business Partnerships

With extensive experience leading large (Fortune250) and smaller healthcare corporations and managing their Fortune 50 customers, Sybil has worked in all aspects of healthcare delivery to gain the perspectives of all stakeholders involved.

She is a speaker at special healthcare executive and healthcare Provider conferences and has authored and published numerous whitepapers and professional publications.

She is a graduate student mentor at Yale University.

Ms. Graham is also a certified Healthcare Compliance Officer.

Vonnie H. Coleman
Director of Marketing and Communications, and Branding

Vonnie Coleman is highly creative and strategic, and has leadership experience in advertising, design, sales promotion, content development and the design and tactical implementation of marketing campaigns.

She also has a strong background in print and social media communications, and measuring the efficacy of promotional strategies.

Working with several Florida technical institutions and universities, she developed SNO’s intern program and also serves as a student mentor in visual, performing, and communication arts.

Also an artist, Ms. Coleman has illustrated books, video game boards, sides of buildings, and many technology and E-Learning dashboards.