SNO’s clinical and technological teams continually strive to deliver, enhance and develop new high-quality dietary products and services to meet the needs of different markets. Standards, metrics and performance measurement methodologies are established and in place to always monitor product and technological quality, changing compliance requirements, and interoperability.

Our company understands the regulatory demands placed on our customers and markets – including, but not limited to HEDIS, HIT, HIPAA, JCAHO, ACA, MACRA, NCQA, CMS, Medicare, Medicaid and State requirements.

We partner with our customers to ensure that our products and services easily comply with their regulatory challenges.

We provide information in our training, e-newsletters and through all our customer service initiatives.

We plan to partner with QIOs (Quality Improvement Organizations) in each State to assist them in the work they do with their clients for licensing, accreditation, audits, and accreditation renewals.