In addition to the security controls and flexible customization options in SNO, the reasons to sign up for SNO are:

Food Cost Savings

Using food costs from major food distributors, you can estimate your food bills before you buy. Eliminate over-purchasing food goods with SNO’s Order Guide based on precise recipe quantities and specific numbers of therapeutic meal types (diabetic, renal, etc). Eliminate food waste with Production Guides that help cooks prepare accurate quantities.

Corporate Financial & Clinical Controls

For multiple or single facility operations, SNO reporting allows organizations to manage quality, patient care, and costs enabling greater economies of scale. Reports also enable monitoring of care quality, patient care standards, utilization monitoring, and more precise food purchasing by facility, regionally or nationally.

Rapid Answers for Inspectors, Care Team, and Family Members

Print out patient, facility or multiple-facility reports verifying resident diets, quantities served, resident weight changes and more.

More Accurate, Cleaner Tray Cards

Stop washing, drying, sorting and manually updating plastic cards. Instantly print fresh, accurate tray tickets for each resident, for each meal. Cards are automatically sorted in serving order as they print.

Weight Tracking for Residents

SNO helps you monitor resident weight changes by tracking the percentage of change at one, three, six, and twelve month intervals, and SNO provides alerts of significant changes.

Menu Variety

There are 561 Individual Therapeutic Diet extensions. Use any or all of SNO’s menu extensions and plan more effectively with SNO’s numerous, Dietitian-developed menu cycles, with SmartAlternatives™ for special diets.

6,000 + Recipes

Eliminate the guesswork in your food ordering and preparation with SNO’s quantity scaling options. Reduce food waste and overproduction, since SNO recipes automatically calculate quantities based on exact resident census, specific diets, and ingredient lists.

Food Tracking Values SNO

This includes automatic nutritional calculations for IBW (Ideal Body Weight), BMI (Body Mass Index), BEE (Basil Energy Expenditure), Protein, Fluid, and Caloric Needs.